10 Beautiful Orange Cat Breeds


nown for their sleek, ticked coats and almond-shaped eyes, Abyssinians are active and intelligent cats that love to explore and play.

American Bobtail

With their distinctive stubby tails and affectionate nature, American Bobtails make wonderful companions for families and individuals alike.

British Shorthair

These round-faced cats with dense, plush coats come in various colors, including a lovely shade of orange known as "red" in the cat world.

Maine Coon

One of the largest domestic cat breeds, Maine Coons are famous for their tufted ears, bushy tails, and friendly demeanor.


Despite their short legs, Munchkins are playful and outgoing cats that enjoy interactive play and cuddle sessions with their human companions.


With their luxurious long fur and sweet expressions, Persians are undeniably elegant cats. Their orange coloration, often referred to as "flame," adds to their regal allure.

Scottish Fold

These adorable cats are known for their folded ears and round faces. Scottish Folds come in various colors, including orange tabby.


Originating from Russia, Siberian cats are known for their thick, water-repellent coats and strong, muscular bodies. Their warm orange fur adds to their striking presence.

Turkish Van

With their striking orange and white coats and love for water, Turkish Vans are unique and adventurous cats that enjoy an active lifestyle.


Bred to resemble miniature tigers, Toygers are playful and affectionate cats with distinctive tiger-like stripes on their orange coats.