9 Daily Yoga to Boost Your Creativity

Mountain Pose

Begin your practice by grounding yourself in the present moment. Stand tall with feet hip-width apart, arms relaxed by your sides, and focus on steady, deep breaths.

Forward Fold

Release tension in the spine and hamstrings while calming the mind. Bend forward from the hips, allowing gravity to gently pull you deeper into the stretch.

Cat-Cow Stretch

Enhance spinal flexibility and encourage fluid movement in the spine. Alternate between arching and rounding your back with each inhale and exhale.

Child's Pose

Foster introspection and mental relaxation by surrendering to a gentle forward fold. Rest your forehead on the mat, arms extended in front or relaxed by your sides.

Seated Forward Bend

Stretch the entire back body while calming the mind and relieving stress. Extend forward from the hips, reaching for your feet or shins with a straight spine.

Cow Face Pose

Open the shoulders and chest to invite creativity and inspiration. Stack one knee on top of the other and reach one arm overhead.

Plow Pose

Stimulate the thyroid gland and improve circulation to the brain, promoting mental clarity and focus. Lie on your back and lift your legs overhead.

Fish Pose

Expand the chest and throat while counteracting the effects of slouching. Lie on your back with forearms pressing into the mat.

Corpse Pose

Integrate the benefits of your practice and allow your creativity to flourish in a state of deep relaxation. Lie flat on your back, arms and legs relaxed.