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Fitness Fuel: Lemon Raspberry Pound Cakes


Begin with a traditional pound cake recipe infused with fresh lemon zest and raspberry puree. The bright citrus flavor pairs perfectly with the tart sweetness of raspberries.

Lemon Raspberry

Top your pound cake with a tangy lemon glaze and fresh raspberries for a refreshing and visually appealing dessert.

Lemon Glazed

Create a marble effect by swirling raspberry puree into your lemon pound cake batter. It's a visually stunning cake with a delicious flavor contrast.

Raspberry Swirl

Add almond extract and chopped almonds to your batter for a nutty twist. The almonds complement the lemon and raspberry flavors beautifully.

Raspberry Almond

Incorporate cream cheese into your batter for a rich and moist cake. Add lemon zest and fresh raspberries for a burst of flavor.

Raspberry Cream

Use Greek yogurt in your batter for a moist and protein-rich cake. Add lemon juice and raspberry puree for a delightful flavor combination.

Raspberry Greek

Add shredded coconut to your batter for a tropical twist. The coconut adds texture and a hint of sweetness to the cake.

Raspberry Coconut

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