How to Pick the Best Strawberries for this Cake


Choosing the best strawberries is essential for a delicious strawberry shortcake cake. Follow these tips to ensure you pick the freshest and sweetest berries.


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The best strawberries are uniformly bright red with no white or green patches. A deep red color indicates ripeness and sweetness.

Look for Bright

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Choose strawberries with glossy skin. Dull or wrinkled skin can be a sign of overripeness or poor quality.

Check for Glossy Skin

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Size isn’t an indicator of sweetness. Both large and small strawberries can be equally delicious, so focus on color and firmness instead.

Size Doesn't Matter

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Inspect the strawberries carefully for any signs of mold or bruising. Moldy or bruised strawberries will spoil quickly and can affect the taste of your cake.

Avoid Moldy

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Fresh strawberries have a sweet, fragrant aroma. If the berries have no smell, they may not be very flavorful.

Smell the Berries

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The leaves should be fresh and green, not wilted or dry. Fresh leaves indicate recently picked strawberries.

Check the Leaves

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Strawberries are best when they are in season, usually in late spring and early summer. Out-of-season strawberries are often less flavorful.

Buy in Season

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