How to Serve Pound Cake with Strawberries


Pound cake and strawberries are a classic pairing that offers a delightful mix of textures and flavors.


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Opt for a buttery, dense pound cake for the best taste experience.

Choosing the Right

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Wash, hull, and slice fresh strawberries for maximum freshness and flavor.


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Add a sprinkle of sugar or a drizzle of honey to the strawberries to enhance their natural sweetness.


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Cook some strawberries with sugar to create a luscious sauce to pour over the cake.

Making Strawberry

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Whip fresh cream with a touch of sugar and vanilla to create a fluffy topping.

Whipping Cream

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Place the cake slices neatly on dessert plates, ready for toppings.

Arranging the Cake

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Scatter the sliced strawberries over the pound cake slices.

Adding Fresh

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How to Pick the Best Strawberries for this Cake