Is Your Spare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $35k? 3 More Worth Over $1000

Varieties to look for include those with the "D" mint mark from Denver or the "S" mint mark from San Francisco.

1776-1976 Bicentennial

Quarters minted in 1965 that mistakenly contained silver can be worth significant sums to collectors.

1965 Silver Quarter

Minted during the first year of the Washington quarter series, specimens in good condition can command high prices at auctions or through coin dealers.

1932-D Washington

This error occurs when an additional leaf appears on the ear of corn on the reverse side of the coin, leading to prices exceeding $1000 for well-preserved examples.

2004-D Wisconsin

In 1943, due to the shortage of copper during World War II, the U.S. Mint mistakenly struck a few quarters on copper planchets intended for pennies.

1943 Copper Quarter

The 1970-S Proof Washington quarter is a rare variety that was never officially released into circulation.

1970-S Proof Washington

A transitional error occurred in 1983 when the Philadelphia Mint inadvertently used a reverse die intended for the upcoming Washington

1983-P Washington