Top Healthy Mashed Potatoes Recipe in the USA

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Mashed potatoes are a classic comfort food in the USA. With a few tweaks, they can be made healthier without sacrificing flavor or texture.

the Right Potatoes

Use Yukon Gold or Russet potatoes. They have a creamy texture and are perfect for mashing, providing a rich flavor with fewer added ingredients.

Steam Instead of Boil

Steaming potatoes helps retain more nutrients compared to boiling. Steam the peeled and chopped potatoes until they are tender and ready to mash.

Use Low-Fat Milk

Replace heavy cream or whole milk with low-fat milk or unsweetened almond milk. This reduces the calorie and fat content while maintaining creaminess.

Add Greek Yogurt

Incorporate Greek yogurt into the mashed potatoes. It adds a tangy flavor and increases the protein content, making the dish more nutritious.

Use Olive Oil

Substitute butter with olive oil. Olive oil provides healthy fats and a rich flavor, enhancing the overall taste of the mashed potatoes.

Garlic and Herbs

Add minced garlic, chives, or rosemary for extra flavor without adding calories. These herbs boost the nutritional value and provide a fresh, vibrant taste.

Limit Salt

Use minimal salt and rely on herbs and spices for flavor. This helps keep the sodium content low, making the mashed potatoes heart-healthy.


Healthy mashed potatoes are easy to make with simple substitutions. Enjoy a nutritious version of this beloved side dish by choosing the right ingredients and cooking methods.

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