Turmeric Mango Fat Burning Juice


Combine fresh mango chunks with a teaspoon of turmeric powder for its anti-inflammatory properties.


Blend mango, turmeric, black pepper, and a splash of coconut water until smooth. Optionally, add a squeeze of lime juice for added tanginess.


This juice is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and curcumin from turmeric, known to support metabolism and aid in fat burning.


Enjoy chilled as a morning boost or post-workout refreshment. Garnish with mint leaves for a cooling effect.


Adjust sweetness with honey or agave syrup, or add a dash of cayenne pepper for an extra metabolism kick.

Health Benefits

Mango provides vitamins A and C, while turmeric aids digestion and boosts immune function, making this juice a powerhouse for weight management.

Nutritional Value

Low in calories and packed with fiber, it helps keep you full and satisfied, reducing cravings throughout the day.

Fat-Burning Effects

The combination of mango and turmeric promotes thermogenesis, helping the body burn fat more effectively.

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